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Stickers - 3" Silver, Rainbow Holographic

Stickers - 3" Silver, Rainbow Holographic

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XEN Crypto Holographic Stickers

Show your XEN pride with these extremely durable, high-quality, XEN Crypto Holographic Stickers. 

These contoured-cut stickers will dazzle the eye for years to come with the ability to spark interest and conversations.

These stickers are not designed to be used outdoors. For outdoor use, the non-holographic stickers will last much longer due to its protective coating.

*For best results, clean the area where you will place the sticker before applying it.

WARNING: Leaving this sticker on an area for more than a few days will result in the sticker being permanent.

DigitalAssetsGear and XenCryptoStore are not responsible for any damages that may occur when using this product. 

Please be mindful of where you place these stickers.

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